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Virtual Reality Warehouse 3d Floorplan

Virtual Reality Warehouse Application Development

Virtual Reality Warehouse Experience One of our clients contacted us and asked us to create a solution for them. They wanted us to create a solution for them that would allow their clients to explore their warehouses and factories remotely 360° Video of Warehouse We created a 9 minute 360° Virtual Tour of the Factory. [...] Read more »
Virtual Reality Boardroom

Boardroom VR Meetings in Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Boardroom meetings is going to be a killer application for businesses who wants to have immersive enterprise collaboration in Virtual Reality. According to the founder Gerald Ferreira people will be able to interact with one another similar to how they interact in the Real World.

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Soweto Johannesburg South Africa

Virtual Reality Soweto Experience Johannesburg South Africa


Have you ever wanted to travel to Soweto in Johannesburg South Africa? Soweto is a township in the City of Johannesburg. The name Soweto comes from South Western Township which has a reach place in the history of South Africa. Soweto is a boiling pot of cultures, entrepreneurs and working-class people who have all played […]

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