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360° Video OR Thambo International Airport

360° Video Producers South Africa

We create 360° Video for Virtual Reality headsets, desktops, smartphones and browsers. 360 Video offers users a immersive experience and help businesses tell their stories.

You can watch the 360° video above to see what the 360° video looked like.

360° video can be consumed on almost any device. You can watch the video on a flat screen like on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It can be distributed on websites, Youtube, Facebook or other social media sites. It can also be watched inside virtual reality headsets to give users the ultimate immersive experience.

Why is 360° video perfect for marketing your business

Below is some examples of why 360° video is a exceptional marketing tool for businesses.

  • 360 Video is more engaging
    360 Video is a immersive media. When it is consumed on a virtual reality headset the person experience it is in the environment and there is no distractions like smartphones ringing, people talking, text messages and other distractions. When the person is inside the experience they can only see what the company wants them to see.
  • Virtual Reality is a emerging technology
    People are curious to experience 360° Video and are very willing to be immersed into a 360° video experience.
  • 360 Video can be shared far and wide
    360 Video can be consumed on Televisions, Laptops, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and Virtual Reality devices. It can be embedded into websites, shared to Social Media sites published to Vimeo and YouTube.
  • 360 Video enables immersive experiential marketing campaigns
    When using Virtual Reality and 360° video consumers can consume the content in various ways. Unlike traditional video that tells the story from the camera point of view, viewers can look in 360° around them and look at things that interest them inside the 360° video experience. Viewers have the freedom in a 360 video experience to look around them and explore the content without being forced.
  • 360 Video can be delivered in real time over live stream
    Events can be recorded in 360° video and live streamed to clients. When your clients are far away or cannot attend your events live you can record these events and make your clients part of experience even when they can’t be there in real life.

360° Video Virtual Reality Services

We offer professional 360° Video production services for more information visit our 360° Video page. Below is some examples of the 360° videos that we’ve created in the past.