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3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

We created all the 3D Models in this experience ourselves.

We brought our idea to life by starting a Virtual Reality Innovation Hub in South Africa. The main idea behind this innovation hub will be to give people the chance to learn more about the Virtual Reality industry and to empower these people to start their own Virtual Reality Companies & Businesses of even to find employment is SA. We developed a 6DoF Virtual Reality experience to showcase what the innovation hub would look like and to show people what the innovation is about.

3D Modeling of the Innovation Hub

Below you will find images of what the Innovation Hub looks like in a 3D space.

Inside the 3D model space
3D Modeling for Innovation Hub

What is the purpose of the Innovation Hub ?

We are trying to prepare South Africans for the 4th Industrial revolution by training them to be able to contribute to the South African Economy, by using our Incubation Program that was developed by the YOUTH and to contribute to the employment of the YOUTH in South Africa.

Creating new business opportunities for our incubators.

Developing people with skill to create Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the 4th Industrial Revolution space.

Enabling synergy between industry, government, academic and research institutions int he Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality space.

Fostering entrepreneurship and incubating innovative individuals and companies.

Providing Incubators access to cutting-edge Virtual Reality hardware, software and skills development.

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