3D Modelling South Africa

The world is moving away from 2D projection and 2D images like photographs or 2D visualizations. Virtual Reality empowers people to become immersed into virtual worlds similar to the real world. Virtual Reality allows people to be immersed into places and spaces real, futuristic or in imaginative worlds.

In these worlds everything needs to be 3D Modelled and digitally created. As part of our Virtual Reality application and world development we offer 3D Modeling services. We can model for virtual reality as well as 3D Printing.

Why 3D Modelling

3D Modelling is the best way to achieve realism when it comes to your product for example we did a 3D model of the Trouw Nutrition warehouse as close as possible to the real-world warehouse keeping in mind the capabilities of the platform the application is going to be build on 3D modelling is also the only way to get real-world spaces and environments into your application without needing to optimise pre built , or photo scanned models which can be very tedious and time consuming, therefor 3D modelling is the most economical solution when it comes to a smooth running application.

  • 3D modelling is fully customisable.
  • It is the best way to copy real-world object and spaces without straining your device.
  • Anything can be modelled even a bone for your ear (link)
  • It is great way to visualise your product before it is built.
  • It is a great marketing tool.
3D Model Warehouse
3D Model Warehouse

3D Modeling for Warehouse Virtual Reality Project

We were commissioned by one of our clients to create a Virtual Reality experience for them. This included some 3D Models that we created. We used our 3D Scanner to scan the factory and obtain the actual measurements of the factory. We use these measurements to recreate the factory into a 3D Model for Virtual Reality.

For more information on the project and 3D Models visit the Virtual Reality Warehouse Experience

3d modeling for architecture project

3D Modeling for Architecture Project

We were commissioned by a architecture firm in South Africa to create a virtual reality experience for them. They broke the ground of the development, and wanted to give people at the ground breaking event and idea of what the development would look like once completed.

3D Modeling for the Architecture Project

3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

3D Modeling for Virtual Reality Innovation Hub

We are starting a virtual reality innovation hub in South Africa. The aim of the virtual reality innovation hub will be to give people the opportunity to learn more about Virtual Reality and to empower these people to start their own virtual reality businesses or find employment in South Africa. As part of establishing the virtual reality innovation hub we developed a 6DOF virtual reality experience to show people what the innovation hub will look like, as well as to see what the innovation hub is about. We created all the 3D Models in this experience ourselves.

Realistic 3D Modeling
Realistic 3D Modeling

3D Modeling for Standard Bank Project

We developed a custom virtual reality experience for Standard Bank. This included creating a real standard bank branch into a virtual reality experience. We used photogrammetry to film the real branch, took measurements and from the photos and measurements created the bank in virtual reality. This project included modeling various items in the real bank and creating it in virtual reality.

Get more information about this Virtual Reality project and see some of the 3D Models that we created for the Bank experience.

3D Model of a Mercedes GLA

3D Modeling for Automotive Project

3D Model of a Mercedes-Benz

3D Modeling for Automotive Project

We designed this scene for part of our Virtual Reality Boardroom experience. This is part of a internal project to showcase our ability to create custom virtual reality multi-user experiences. Ideally people can log into the experiences with their own virtual reality headsets and a press conference or vehicle can be launched in virtual reality.

We provide inhouse 3D Modeling services and can create any custom scene needed. We have the ability to create 3D Models of cars from scratch.

Tourism Virtual Reality Game

3D Modeling for Tourism Project

We were commissioned by Tourvest South Africa to create a virtual reality solution for them. They wanted a virtual reality experience promoting adventure tourism. They wanted the experience to be showcased anywhere, quickly without having a hard time to set up bulky equipment, so we decided to develop the experience for the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. We recreated the Victoria Falls for this experience and various 3D Models for this experience.

3d Modeling Agriculture
3d Modeling Agriculture

3D Modeling for Agriculture Project

We were commissioned by ACGO to create a high-end virtual reality experience for them. The project required several 3D Models for the experience. We 3D Modelled all elements inside the experience this included a Massey Ferguson Tractor, Farm Implements, the Farm in a Box Container, Maize and Sunflower fields and the Green Houses to name a few.

3D Modeling Mining
3D Modeling Mining

Minging 3D Model

We developed a short mining safety training application to show people the dangers of mining. Like most virtual reality experiences we needed 3D Models and 3D Environments to create the experience.

Boardroom Meetings in Virtual Reality
Boardroom Meetings in Virtual Reality

3D Modeling for Boardroom Meetings

We are one of the partner developers of the Virtual Reality Boardroom Software. We can create various custom 3D Models for the Virtual Reality boardroom software. Offering clients the opportunity to customize their boardroom meetings the way they like it. As part of the service offering we provide custom 3d Modeling services for the Virtual Reality Boardroom software.