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Virtual Reality Boardrooms

Virtual Reality Boardroom Meetings is growing in popularity and is one of the Killer applications the virtual reality industry has been waiting for. With the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic the need for remote communications and being able to work remotely have been in the spotlight. Virtual meetings using online virtual meeting software is not something new and there is currently some awesome applications that companies use to work remotely.

Virtual Reality Johannesburg develops Multiplayer Virtual Reality experiences and our team of developers are part of the core virtual reality development team that is developing the BoardroomVR software.

If you are interested in the Virtual Reality Boardroom Meeting software contact us today. You can contact Gerald Ferreira at +27 72 234 7513 or send email to zaluckyb@gmail.com for more information.

We can customize the virtual reality boardroom software to work with the following industries.

  • Press conferences.
  • Education.
  • Training.
  • Virtual Reality Events.
  • Virtual Reality shopping.

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