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Virtual Reality Demonstrations

If you haven’t tried high-end virtual reality yet, you DON’T know what is virtual reality. We are extremely passionate about virtual reality and have seen it hundreds of times before. Once people step inside high-end virtual reality they understand the medium and the impact it will have on everyone in the future once the technology goes mainstream. For ages people have been writing about virtual reality and how it will impact humanity. Finally we are here and for the first time in history it is now possible to start using the medium and truly start moving into the future. Almost on a monthly basis the technology just gets better and better.

The biggest downside and opportunity for virtual reality is the lack of content for virtual reality. This is a almost a once in a lifetime opportunity for businesses to become creators instead of consumers of virtual reality.

We would like to encourage you if you are looking for a commercial virtual reality solution or want to use virtual reality as part of your marketing or business strategy to come and visit us. (All visits to our company is by appointment only – for more information you can phone Ronel Ferreira at Tel +27 72 9722 724).

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