Virtual Reality Joburg specialize in creating Virtual Reality solutions for companies that want to use virtual reality for events. Our company realized early that it is super important to execute virtual reality events at the highest standards. It is super important to us that every time someone enters a virtual reality experience that we’ve created that they are wowed and have a awesome experience each and every time. By making sure that our clients, clients do not struggle with the experience and have a good time we make our clients happy and also built our business stronger.

Virtual Reality is going to play a core part in how we interact with everything in the future. It is by far more important than most people realize. It is our mission to show people the power of virtual reality and how it will benefit our clients, businesses and people all around the world!

When you use our company for your virtual reality events, you are not just hiring us for our equipment. Part of the rental is our passion and know-how as part of the virtual reality event activation.

Oculus Go Virtual Reality Event

Oculus Go Virtual Reality Event

[ut_title_divider_2]Virtual Reality Warehouse Event[/ut_title_divider_2]

Instead of clients going to the Warehouse, we brought the warehouse to them. We used 20 Oculus GO headsets where we took all of the clients through the warehouse showcasing the 3D model we created for Trouw Nutrition.


Activation & Experience

[ut_title_divider_2]Virtual Reality Property Development Event[/ut_title_divider_2]

We showcased the 3D Model in Pretoria that we made from the floor plans given to us by the Property Development Company to their clients.


Virtual Reality Activation’s

[ut_title_divider_2]Standard Bank Virtual Reality Event[/ut_title_divider_2]

We used Virtual Reality for the Standard Bank application to help them show their clients how easy, safe and helpful the Mobile Banking App actually is and why physical banks are no longer a necessity.


Victoria Waterfall Virtual Reality Experience

[ut_title_divider_2]Tourvest Victoria Falls Virtual Reality Event[/ut_title_divider_2]

Showcasing the Tourvest extreme sports experience and putting clients into a Virtual space to give them an idea of what the extreme sport experience would be like without physically being there.


Virtual Reality Berlin Germany

[ut_title_divider_2]Farm In a Box Virtual Reality Experience[/ut_title_divider_2]

This Farm In a Box event was held in Germany by the AGCO Agriculture company. We were invited to assist them with the High-End Experience and to guide their clients through it.

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Sometimes we don’t have the best reception. If you struggle to get hold of us, please send us a whatsapp message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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