Virtual Reality Software Application Experience for South African Bank

Standard Bank Virtual Reality Game and Virtual Reality Experience

Standard Bank South Africa contacted us to create a high-end virtual reality experience for them. The main purpose of the development was to teach Standard Bank clients on how to use the Online Smartphone Banking App and what benefits there are for using it.

Below are some examples of how we take a real environment like a Standard Bank Branch and recreate it in a Virtual Reality space. In this experience you are able to walk (6DoF) inside the bank as if you were there in person, you can also interact with the furniture and teller machines. There are also options to show traditional video on the 3D Model of the television screen whilst exploring the inside of the bank.”

3D Modeling of the Standard Bank Branch

Below are some pictures of the actual bank itself, next them are the 3D models we here at Virtual Reality Joburg have created for a virtual reality solution. These 3D models are based on a Standard Bank branch in Bedfordview, and is almost a scale of 1 to 1 with the actual Standard Bank Branch. We here at Virtual Reality Joburg have the necessary in house resources to create 3D models for our clients as part of our virtual reality software development services.


Part of our Service offering include 3D Modeling.

We can create 3D Models for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Application, Television, 3D Printing, Product Rendering and Product design.

Why use Virtual Reality as Advertising Media ?

The main reason why Standard Bank approached us was to lessen the traffic at their branches. They were planning on closing down some of their branches and wanted to show clients how easy and safe it is to use their Mobile Banking App. Each mini game experience had a different banking method with step by step instructions on how to use it. Because Virtual Reality is in 3D, it is one of the best methods to teach someone and for that reason the solution was a great success.

The Activation for this experience was done at Music Festivals, Banks, Art Markets, Wine Tasting events and Markets. This was also a very good marketing strategy for The Standard Bank group.


360° Pictures of Bank

Below are some of the 360° pictures we took of the Standard Bank Branch. We used these photos as reference to make the 3D model of the bank.


Scenes from the Virtual Reality Holiday game.

Below are some screenshots of the Mini game inside the Standard Bank game. The player will receive a message from their best friend asking for money. This then requires you to use the Mobile Banking App to send your friend some money. In this mini game players have to use their virtual reality phone to send their friend money.

After the player has completed the task they are able to relax on the beach, even explore the beach. There are also golf balls that can be hit from the pier as a fun interactive game.


Tenpin Bowling Virtual Reality Game

Below are some images of the Tenpin Bowling game that featured in the experience for Standard Bank. Players had to use the mobile banking app to make payments before they could play any of the mini games. Players had to insert their Virtual Standard Bank banking card into the Credit Card Machine and try to make a payment, the transaction then got declined. Thereafter they had to use the Banking App to transfer money from one account to the other so that they could play the full game of Tenpin Bowling.


Prepaid Electricity Standard Bank Smartphone Virtual Reality Game

We had the idea to cater for different people and what they find interest in, due to the popularity of cooking shows we thought it would be a creative idea to create a baking game inside of the Standard Bank experience which made it a fun mini game.

In this mini game people got to bake a cake and halfway through the experience the power of the house gets cut off due to the units that ran out on the prepaid electricity meter. Players then have to use their Banking App to purchase electricity in order for them to finish the experience.

The reason why we chose to bake a cake was to show people how handy the Banking App is when it comes to real world scenarios.