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Virtual Reality Software Application for Farm In a Box

Farm In a Box Virtual Reality Experience

We developed a High-End custom Virtual Reality game experience for AGCO.

How did we develop the Virtual Reality Application

We were contacted by AGCO to create a High-End Virtual Reality experience for them. AGCO is one of the world’s biggest Agricultural companies with some of their brands like Massey Ferguson®, Fendt®, Challenger®, GSI® and Valtra®.

The Task we had to accomplish with a deadline of only 2 WEEKS was to create a High-End experience that could assist them with a exhibition in Germany at the Messe Berlin International Green Week festival of 2019. The Green Week festival is one of the world’s biggest trade of fair and food, gardening and agriculture and had a count of more than 400 000 people that were at the event.

The reason for the experience development was to showcase their Farm In a Box concept without having to move the physical equipment and infrastructure to the venue. Lets be honest moving Tractors from one place to the other is not the easiest thing in the world.

We approached them with the idea of developing a Virtual Reality solution for them that would also allow people to experience their Service/Product in Zambia and the Farm in a Box experience in Germany using the HTC Vive virtual reality system.

We were then contracted by them to create the High-End experience for their clients, we also traveled to Germany to assist them with the Activation of this development.

Having a deadline of only 2 weeks to develop the Application

Due to time and logistics we were unable to go to Zambia to get our own images for this experience. AGCO then sent us a few images they already had of one of the experimental Farm in a Box sites in Zambia. We then had to recreate the environment form these photos to look similar to the existing farm in Zambia.

Below you will find some of the images we received from them and some 2D renders we did for the application we developed.






We created all the 3D Models and the environment for this Virtual Reality Application from scratch. This includes the 3D Model of the Massey Ferguson tractor that we modeled from these images.

Virtual Reality Activation for the Application in Germany

Below is a Short Video clip of what happened at the Activation in Germany.

The Virtual Reality Farm in a Box Game play Experience

The Main idea was to make the Farm in a Box experience interesting and fun for people. Below are some images on the Farm in a Box experience and game play.







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