Virtual Reality Soweto Experience Johannesburg South Africa

March 20, 2020
March 20, 2020 GeraldFerreira

Have you ever wanted to travel to Soweto in Johannesburg South Africa?

Soweto is a township in the City of Johannesburg. The name Soweto comes from South Western Township which has a reach place in the history of South Africa. Soweto is a boiling pot of cultures, entrepreneurs and working-class people who have all played a core part in the history of South Africa.

Both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu lived in Soweto. The most famous street in Soweto, Vilakazi Street is the only one in the world that’s had two Nobel Peace Prize winners as residents – Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”Using Virtual Reality to promote Tourism and History of Soweto”]We are creating a fun Virtual Reality tourism experience for people who want to learn about Soweto. In this experience you will be able to learn more about Soweto and also find out why Soweto is worth a visit![/ut_header]
  • The Soweto Towers (Orlando Towers) is one of the landmarks in Soweto.
  • It also offers some adventure sport like Bungee Jumping, Wall Climbing and Free Fall inside the towers. For more information visit Soweto Towers.
  • We will be marketing the Soweto Towers experience, and inside the virtual reality experience you will be able to climb the wall, do a bungee jump or Free Fall inside the towers. This will bring some excitement to the experience.
  • When the player stands on top of the towers they will be able to look around over Soweto and discover some key tourism hotspots from Soweto.

The Soweto Virtual Reality experience at the time of writing is still under development. We estimate that we will have the experience ready by the 1st of June 2020. If you are interested in the experience please contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 for more information.

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”3D Modeling of the Soweto Towers.”]Below is some 2D Renders of the 3D Models that we are designing for the Soweto Towers Virtual Reality experience. Every good virtual reality solution starts with 3D Modeling. [/ut_header]
Soweto Towers 3D Models

Soweto Towers 3D Models

Low Poly 3D Model of the Soweto Towers in Johannesburg South Africa.

Soweto Towers Bungee Jump Experience

Soweto Towers Bungee Jump Experience

The Elevator and Bridge – Players will be able to do a bungee jump in virtual reality from the towers. Promoting some of the activities available at the towers themselves.

Soweto Towers Wall Climbing

Soweto Towers Wall Climbing

You can also do some wall climbing at the Soweto Towers. In the virtual reality experience you will be able to climb up against the Soweto Towers and view Soweto in Virtual Reality.

[ut_header title_linebreak_mobile=”on” lead_linebreak_mobile=”on” title=”We Develop Virtual Reality Games for Tourism and Businesses.”]This is only one of many projects that we are working on or have completed. We have a outstanding reputation in South Africa for our Virtual Reality game development experiences. If you are interested in this experience or creating a Virtual Reality experience for your company talk to us. You can contact Gerald Ferreira on +27 72 234 7513 or email: for more information.[/ut_header]
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